Reseller and distributer of quality textile products and fabrics across Europe.

Having years of experience, Atex Europe Ltd is provding vital service to textile merchants in UK. The products are being sold to SMEs and individuals that are in the textile business.

Due to ever changing market trends, we are here to provide the products accroding to customer requirements. Our products are not limited to a set of existing products that are currently in market . If a client wants a new product to be re-engineered according to the requirement , Atex Europe Ltd provides resources to make it happen.

Online retailing stores such as Ebay , are encouraging for providing golden oppurtunity for individuals to start up small businesses. Atex Europe Ltd. provides key solutions to such clients and offer suitable products to enchance business profitability and success . We focus on all clients wether they are, company giants , SMEs(Small Medium Enterprises) , or individuals.

Our Services
Atex Europe Ltd Services

We offer wide range of services

Market Trend Forcasting

For those who want to enter textile market , but unsure about where to start from? We provide guidelines according to what might help them settle their business in short span of time.

Eco Friendly Products

Our aim is to provide, products that are not only of high quality ,but also beneficial for the environment.Any products that may contain harmful chemical for the consumers , envrionement or rare species. We refuse to produce such products.

Present initial proposal

Provide a brief proposal about possible solutions. That may be sufficient products or services to cater the client's needs.

Tailor made solution

For every client we deal whole heartedly to provide complete trade details for the client to minimize hassle and maximum efficiency. While ensuring high profitability for the client.

Step up for a successful deal

Law rules and regulations keep on evolving to provide safeguard us and our rights . We help the clients to secure deals in lawful manner to minimise hassale and complications for the trascations to be speedy and efficient.

Why choose us ?

We are certified personell that are here to enrich trader's knowledge about current and forecasting market trends. Along side providing valuable deals for those who need it the most. For us customer satisfaction and happines is worth more than our profitability.